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MSAMD is a film full of fun from the start to the end. It is a laugh riot but also has the undercurrent of grim truths about the society. The story is set in a Rajasthan village that has no electricity. Kanji (Abhishek Bachchan) is a young man who is working in the city as a servant. One fine day, Kanji happens to visit his village to meet his grandfather. While visiting the village, Kanji also takes along a small gift for his grandpa. Meanwhile, electricity has just been provided to the village by the authorities and so the life has changed a lot for the residents there. But the mystery gift is such that it changes things for the village overnight. The once peaceful and simple village becomes a place of chaos and excitement. Now, what is this gift? To know that, you will have to wait till the movie is out. Former Miss Universe Lara Dutta plays the female lead in the film. She is playing the character of Kesar. It was earlier rumored that Karishma Kapoor will do this film with Abhishek. Not only that but Abhishek, Karishma and Vishal had celebrated the new year's eve together so everyone was expecting that she would be playing Kesar opposite Abhishek. But then, it was Lara who was finally signed to play the role. Of other artistes, Aditya Lakhia (Kachra of Lagaan) plays Surya, Yashpal Sharma plays Thakur, Snehal Lakhia plays grandfather, Dayashankar Pandey plays Hari, Akhilendra Mishra plays priest, Ajay Khamosh plays Guru, Shubro Bhattacharaya plays Abdul and Rajend