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Just Release Shahrukh Khans New CD Ra.One

Now available on CD Ra.One

Red Chille Entertainments RA.One Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal  offers 14 tracks, including a few remixes and themes and Music by Vishal-Sheaker

Hindi film 'Ra one' Soundtrack kicks off on a superb note with the popular number Chammak Challo. A clear winner, the song, which has Hindi, English and Tamil words in the lyrics, makes you groove with it instantly.

International popstar Akon sings in English and surprisingly well in Hindi, making Chammak Challo ride high on its novelty factor. Hamsika Iyer, who has sung for films like Raajneeti and  Khoya Khoya Chand in the past, supports him beautifully, accompanying the English-Hindi vocals with a little Tamil strewn in. Primarily a dance track, Chammak Challo is here to stay.

The song also has a couple of remixes, but don't dismiss them as ordinary fare. A Punjabi Mix adds some bhangra to the beats while DJ Khushi's version, simply titled Chammak Challo Remix, is explosive. A third, international version is what his fans will hear globally--this one is pure Akon, without Hamsika to accompany him.

Then comes Dildaara, a mush melody that seems slightly out of place in this electric (and eclectic), beat-heavy disc. Sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali, it has John Lennon's song Stand by me mixed into it; the makers, who bought the rights for Lennon's iconic song, have done a commendable job with this seemingly odd combination.

A surprise for many fans, Akon shines in his second song, called Criminal, a peppy and upbeat track that also has Vishal Dadlani and Shruti Pathak behind the mike. An amalgamation of Hindi and English lyrics, Criminal is a perfect party number. Considering that Konvict was the name of Akon's debut album, and the one he remains most famous for, Criminal is one song that should sit right up there on his shelf. It also has a remixed version by DJ Amit.

Bhare naina is the soundtrack's dark horse. It will definitely make you sit up and take notice. With a sublime cold opening, the track completely turns on its head to become one helluva haunting melody. Over 200 musicians of the famous Prague Philharmonic Choir were flown in from the Czech Republic for its orchestration, which makes it a one-of-its-kind coup for the Indian film industry; Bhare naina becomes the first Indian song to be composed and recorded off shore. Nandini Srikar and Vishal-Shekhar add vocals to this near-perfect, soulful song. It's a steady, slow number that pans across genres; it's moody and it's brilliant.

Sidd Coutto's Right by your side is perhaps the only ordinary composition. Even then, it's fast-paced and peppy and will have you dancing.

Perhaps the song that defines the whole flavour of RA.One is Raftaarein. If you thought Chammak Challo is the face of the film then Raftaarein is its soul. Beginning with a classy nod t