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Coming Soon On Blu Ray And DVD Telugu Film Shakti

Shakti Telugu DVD and Blu Ray

Action thriller Telugu film 'Shakthi' made with a mega budget of Rs 45 crore by Aswini Dutt Now Available on DVD and Blu Ray

Mahadevaraya(Prabhu) who is a central Home minister is worried about the safety of his daughter Aishwarya(Ileana) and also the precious diamond 'Jwalamukhi' which is gifted to him by his ancestors. This diamond has eternal powers and is the saviour of all the Shakti Peethams in the country. Mahadevaraya discusses the safety of his daughter and the diamond with the swami (Nasser). Meanwhile an Egyptian gang led by Mukthar(Sonu Sood) wants to take away that diamond to bring back the Egypitan Mummies to life.  However, he gets killed in the process of stealing it. His wife Fukthooni wants to avenge her husband's death and trains her son Sakuchi to reattack India to get the diamond. Meanwhile she is also negotiating with Janakiram a.k.a Jackie in Dubai for a sword called 'Rudhrashoolam'. Mahadevaraya is also negotiating for the same sword. Aishwarya who is annoyed with constant security around her, escapes from home and goes on a trip with her friends to Jaipur where she meets Shakthi(NTR) who acts as her guide. Members of the Egyptian gang are constantly after Aishwarya and Shakthi protects her.It is revealed later that Shakthi is a NSA Commando.Mahadevaraya narrates the story behind the diamond to Shakthi and his daughter Aishwarya. The rest of the story is about the connection between the diamond, Shakthi, Aishwarya and the Egyptian team. It is to be seen if the Egyptian gang manages to steal it.

Banner: Vyjayanthi Movies
Cast: NTR, Ileana, Manjira Fadnis, Sonu Sood, Pooja Bedi, Jackie Shroff, P
Music: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Art: Anand Sai
Stunts: Stun Siva
Dialogues: Satyanand
Editor: Marthand K Venkatesh
Story: Meher Ramesh, Yandamuri Veerendranath, DS Kannan & JK Bharavi
Screenplay-Direction: Meher Ramesh
Producer: C Aswini Dutt

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