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Oppam Malayalam DVD

Synopsis: Jayaraman (Mohanlal) was born blind, but has a heightened sense of smell, hearing and touch. He belongs to a big family and works as an elevator operator of an apartment in Kochi, as he wants to earn money for his sister's marriage. He is loyal to Krishnamoorthy (Nedumudi Venu), a retired judge residing in the same apartment. Jayaraman accompanies Krishnamoorthy on his trips for finding a person he was looking for since the time he was working as a judge. Though, Jayaraman had never asked any questions regarding it as he feels that it was unnecessary.

On their last trip, Krishnamoorthy feels that it is time to reveal the truth behind the quest. Years ago, a man named Vasu (Samuthirakani), was sentenced to jail by Krishnamoorthy for a crime he did not commit (abiding by law though he understood Vasu is innocent). It leads to the death of Vasu's entire family, who poison themselves. Vasu becomes mad, and, resorts to avenge his loss. At the time of his arrest he gives Krishnamoorthy a warning that he would kill him and his family. Now Vasu has been released from Jail, and Krishnamoorthy feels that it is not safe anymore.

Krishnamoorthy is alleged to have a daughter Nandini (Baby Meenakshi), a school going girl. He is scared of Vasu, because if Vasu would ever come to know of Nandini, he would kill her. Hence, she is studying elsewhere and lives all alone under the shelter of the nuns at her convent, nor she knows about the existence of her father. Her only relation is to Jayaraman, whom she calls Ramachan, who visits her often. Jayaraman is sent to the school occasionally by Krishnamoorthy to checkout Nandini. She asks Ramachan about her father on his every visit, to which Jayaraman replies that he would bring him on his next visit.

One day, Krishnamoorthy asks Jayaraman to help him transport money from his bank account to another deposit, setup for the welfare of Nandini. Since transferring it via bank account can be traceable, they had to withdraw and transport the money manually to another deposit. Jayaraman withdraws the money and hand it over to Krishnamoorthy, and this is accidentally watched over by Devayani (Vimala Raman), a divorcee and the maid of apartments in the flat. Krishnamoorthy puts the money in his safe at the apartment.

Another day, a large wedding party is occurring at the apartment where everyone in the flat are invited.After the partying ,Jayaraman goes up to Krishnamoorthy's apartment to find him dead. He also find the money missing from the safe. Suddenly he feels the presence of someone else in the apartment. The killer tries to run, but Jayaraman engages in a close contact fight with him, which the killer finds hard to defeat him. Later on, the killer is revealed to be Vasu, during the fight eventually understanding Jayaraman is blind, he tricks him on his disadvantage and escapes in an auto.

During the entire chaos, it is found that Krishnamoorthy's money is missing and the police frame Jayaraman as the thief. At the police station it is found out that it was Devayani's brother who had the money and not Jayaraman. Jayaraman is still not allowed to go and he is charged on the case of murder of Krishnamoorthy. Jayaraman pleads to give him a chance to find out the killer as he could feel the killer's presence but it all went in vain. He is beaten up by the police in an attempt to convict him of the murder, but he finally manages to escape by beating up the policemen. The later part of the film shows how Jayaraman tries hiding Nandini from Vasu with the help of Ganga (Anusree Nair), a police officer using his wit and power.

Here he reveals to Ganga that Nanidini was Vasu's daughter who according to Moorthy was still alive and not Moorthy's and that Vasu is trying to kill his own daughter. The trio hide in the convent which was under the mother's supervision. On that night Vasu comes and a thrilling hide and seek ensues. Finally Vasu was almost near Nandini to kill her when Jayaraman shoots him using his great sense of sound. The final scene shows Jayaraman and Nandini starting to live together as father and daughter giving each other immense love and care.